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Passion lifestyle is a Tribe of Individuals who seek Adventure, Freedom, Soul Alignment & Success. As well as having incredible fun Trail Running & Hiking experiences  along the way together.

I founded Passion Lifestyle as a platform to reconnect individuals to their true selves, through exploration and Fun in the great outdoors as well as ongoing online learning, deep inner work and personal growth, and rejuvenation for your whole self. By creating powerful coaching experiences and real adventures, I inspire you to get dirty, trail run through breathtaking valleys,Hike your own peaks, and consciously step into the life you truly desire.

Hello i’m Holly Wheeler a Success Coach & Athlete who loves Nature and the wilderness, i am dedicated to helping you live your Soul purpose Personally & physically, to fulfil your full potential and achieve your own level of freedom &  Lifestyle.

”If i want to be free I’ve got to be me, not what you think I should be, not what my husband thinks I should be, not what my kids think I should be. If I want to be free I have to be me, so I had better know who me is”

Holly Wheeler
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I felt like i needed support around mindsets & limiting beliefs and i needed to overcome Fear of success and Holly gave me massive breakthroughs from procrastination and holding myself back from moving forward. My underdeveloped wealth consciousness was tripping me up and with working with Holly i pushed past the fear of earning big money and i hit my biggest month in business. The advice she gave me was simple and effective. Holly is so passionate and gets RESULTS!

Nargis Cross

Holly is one of the most determined and passionate women I have ever met, she is the epitome of doing it with passion! Her energy and enthusiasm for personal development both in herself and others is infectious. I would have no hesitation recommending her services to anyone wishing to take their results to the next level and pursue that goal or dream inside themselves. Holly is an insightful and resourceful coach and goes over and above to meet the needs of her clients.

Louise Evans

As a result of working with holly, my confidence has sky rocketed in my relationships & business. Another result is that i approach life and its challenges with greater ease and faith in myself and in the universe that everything will work out well. I have become solution orientated in mindset. The modules totally immersed me in my truth and gave me a reality check.

Rebecca Bradley

Loving this page Holly – lots of great advice and tips and I always come away from our chats with fabulous positive vibes

Rosalie Uphill