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Welcome to the Running Queens!!

Our mission is to help Trail & Fell Women Runners run in the zone, how running plays a role in your life, get into your best shape, and perform at your best, no matter your fitness level nor experience. To do this, we’ll help balance body, mind and spirit for fantastic gains, with minimum chance of injury.
There are other coaches that focus on the body, and a few that look on the body-mind connection, but almost none that focus on the complete package of body, mind and spirit.

It’s only by looking at our whole selves, rather than just a body or just a mind that we
learn how to fully heal, grow strong, or fly along almost effortlessly. Running in balance,
you’ll grow healthier, and faster than ever before, WHILE becoming more present,
relaxed AND injury free!

We help you crack the code to your health, fitness, Soul Purpose and performance,
taking your running to a level far-beyond what you ever thought possible. To do this we’ll
help bring mindfulness to every aspect of your life, because training’s not just what
you do when you run. It’s what you do the other 22 or 23 hours that often matter the most.

So we’ll look at how you eat, sleep, sit, stand, think, walk, and even talk–particularly to
yourself. And we’ll help you rewire your mind, supercharge your spirit, and bring each
piece into harmony with the other.

You’ll learn how to sleep better, train better, maximise nutrition, shed unwanted weight
and think more clearly than you ever have before. And of course, you’ll learn the lightest,
most efficient way to run for your unique body.


Holly Wheeler xxx



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I felt like i needed support around mindsets & limiting beliefs and i needed to overcome Fear of success and Holly gave me massive breakthroughs from procrastination and holding myself back from moving forward. working with Holly i pushed past fear and The advice she gave me was simple and effective. Holly is so passionate and gets RESULTS!

Nargis Cross

Holly is one of the most determined and passionate women I have ever met, she is the epitome of doing it with passion! Her energy and enthusiasm for personal development both in herself and others is infectious. I would have no hesitation recommending her services to anyone wishing to take their results to the next level and pursue that goal or dream inside themselves. Holly is an insightful and resourceful coach and goes over and above to meet the needs of her clients.

Louise Evans

As a result of working with holly, my confidence has sky rocketed in my relationships & running. Another result is that i approach life and its challenges with greater ease and faith in myself and in the universe that everything will work out well. I have become solution orientated in mindset. The modules totally immersed me in my truth and gave me a reality check.

Rebecca Bradley

Loving this page Holly – lots of great advice and tips and I always come away from our coaching calls with fabulous positive vibes

Rosalie Uphill


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